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Spring into new Aussie Soles

Posted on September 05 2018

Spring into new Aussie Soles

Spring time is officially here and that means your Aussie Soles are about to get a work out!

With the warmer weather upon us, many of our customers will be dusting off the old Aussie Soles ready to hit the beach, get out in the sunshine and into their favourite outdoor hobbies.

And for some, Spring is the perfect time to update your collection and check out any newbies to the Aussie Soles range.

Our customers often choose to have multiple pairs of Aussie Soles that suit their different activities. For instance, Aussianas Slim Strap are a popular fashion choice, yet still support your feet as you pop out to the cafe to grab a coffee with mates. If you love walking the dogs or taking a stroll along the beach, Aussie Soles Indy Orthotic Slides may be right up your alley. Not only will the design keep you cool while you’re out and about, but the heel cup and tarsal bar will hold your foot in the correct position as you walk. Oh, and don’t forget the massage numbs to help with circulation.

Whatever the occasion, whichever the activity, Aussie Soles has the perfect pair to suit your Spring time hobbies. So treat yourself and #relaxyafeet this Spring.

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