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Support thongs for kids flat feet

Posted on November 09 2018

Support thongs for kids flat feet

Did you know that everyone is born with flat feet? Children tend to develop the arch in their feet around the age of three, although that’s not the case for some children. If the arch hasn’t developed by a certain age, flat feet could become a permanent condition for your child.

If your little ones avoid walking or are concerned about foot pain, flat feet could be the case. Without proper treatment, flat feet in children may turn into serious foot problems later in life.

Finding the right footwear is just one way to ensure your child an active life, free of foot and ankle pain and potential future ailments.

Aussie Soles’ Starfish Orthotic Thongs for children are extremely comfortable and offer true orthotic arch support. The flip flops are made from Aussie Soles’ unique AusLite anti-bacterial polymer foam for the perfect fit and feature a strap for extra support. Extra benefits include a heel cup to provide extra comfort and support, a tarsal bar which aids in eliminating toe clenching and a super soft, durable toe divider.

And the best thing? Aussie Soles Starfish Orthotics are recommended by podiatrists, so you can rest easy knowing you’re providing the best orthotic thongs for your child’s foot health.

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