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Every Aussie needs a pair of thongs, and there’s none better than our tried and tested Aussianas! Nearly every other pair of slim strap thongs on the market have a flat footbed, which leads to a whole bunch of problems with your feet. That’s why we’ve designed the Aussiana so that they are soft, yet supportive! With a recessed heel, the thong holds in place easier, so it won’t slip away when you need to make a quick dash, and the raised arch supports your instep as you go about your day.

Topped Off With Hundreds Of Small Massage Nodes That Stimulate Circulation To Your Feet

With a tarsal bar underneath the toes (that small three pointed star) you won’t have to try and hold your toes in place by scrunching them. Topped off with hundreds of small massage nodes that stimulate circulation to your feet, and the Aussianas are Australia’s best designed small strap throngs. All these features combine together to help alleviate poor posture, foot pain, and give your feet the royal treatment. With a range of colours of sizes we’ve got every taste covered, and with thousands of happy customers they’re the real deal. We know a thing or two about thongs, so that’s why you should crack on a pair of Aussiana’s and Relax Ya Feet!