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About Aussie Soles

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About Us

Welcome to Aussie Soles. We're a family-run business based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The team as Aussie Soles has been working together for many years and are so proud to be ableot bring orthopedic thongs, flip flops, jandals, and sandals (or whatever you calll them in your part of the world), to Australia and around the world.

We hope your feet enjoy wearing nearly two decades worth of innovation, dedication, and love.

Our Promise 'We're Here To Support You.'


We've donated 200,000 pairs of shoes to vulnerable families in Australia and Africa


Vegan-friendly materials, recycled cardboard packaging, and ethically sourced materials.


We're 100% here for our customers, retailers, and staff. We work to serve you.

The Man Behind The Shoes

Before he started Aussie Soles, founder Craig Taplin was restless. He was travelling the world, looking for his big start. After successfully bringing Rebounds, the first holey clog, to Australia in 2004, he saw an opportunity to design a line of orthopedic footwear that protect Aussie feet - fully designed and operated in Australia.

"The creativity always came out of photography and wanting to travel the world and see different places. Now I do that with a pair of my own orthopedic thongs on my feet and know that I'm making a difference."

- Craig Taplin

Want to chat with craig?

Feel Free To Reach Out Anytime

Fighting The War On Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common
sources of heel pain. Unsupportive footwear is a
leading cause of plantar fasciitis.
Aussie Soles work with podiatrists to fight the war
on foot pain by creating supportive lifestyle and
sports recovery sandals.

We are proud to support feet that need it the most.

For every paid of Aussie Soles footwear purchased, a pair will be sent to someone in need. Over 180,000 pairs donated.

Where Did Aussie Soles come from?

What makes a good friend? It's a question we love to ask at Aussie Soles. Born in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, with mateship at our heart, we strive to create footwear that you can rely on, footwear that will support your every step, no matter what direction you go. Today we continue to produce a range of footwear that meets the diversity of lifestyles we live.

Meet The Team

Craig Taplin

CEO and founder

'The Starfish fashion strap in navy - it's a classic.'


Angela Tan

Finance Manager

'Starfish Fashion Strap. One pair for out-and-about smart casual wear, and the other for going anywhere - walking, boating, camping'

Kim De Haas

Customer Relations Manager

'Aussiana Slim, in Clay Earth Bronze - they are so super comfortable, trendy and the colour goes with all my summer fashions.'


Aussie Soles Lover

What's your favourite Aussie Soles shoe?

Mark De Haas

Inventory Manager

'Starfish Fashion Strap. One pair for out-and-about smart casual wear, and the other for going anywhere - walking, boating, camping'