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Best Online Size Guide for Aussie Soles Starfish Classic 2.0, 3.3, Starfish Kids, and Aussianas 2.5 ranges 🩴😉

Aussie Soles Size Guide
The MM measurement is from the big toe to the heel cup, and remember that you’re looking for the inside length of the footbed. 

Sizing Example 

Women’s Starfish 2.0 Classics size 8 US is an EU 39 and is 257mm inside footbed length. 

Mens Starfish 3.3 Classics size 11 US is an EU 44 and 291mm inside footbed length.  

Aussianas 2.5 Classic and Slim straps

Aussianas Size Chart

Indy’s 2.5 Slides

Indy size chart

Starfish Classic 2.0 and 3.3

Starfish size chart

Starfish FS

Starfish FS size chart

Starfish Kids

Starfish Kids Size Chart

Winter Slippers

Winter Slippers size chart

Double Plugger

Double Plugger size chart