As you get older, you will start noticing that your feet are changing. This is no surprise if you consider the amount of walking, running, jumping and even just standing you’ve done all your life. Our poor feet have really carried us over the years!

As the decades pass, certain changes will take effect. Your skin will become thinner due to decreased blood circulation leaving your feet more susceptible to cracks and injuries, the natural padding of fat in your feet will lesson potentially resulting in pain and your feet may change shape as you get older too. Not to mention conditions such as diabetes or arthritis and the effects they can have on your feet.

This is why it is so important to choose the correct footwear to keep your feet as comfortable and relaxed as possible as the natural ageing process occurs. Don’t just assume your foot size, have shoes fitted and utilize size charts where possible. Ensure you choose shoes that fit firmly on your foot, are secure and offer enough support.

Keep your feet clean and make sure to dry them thoroughly after washing. If you suffer from poor circulation, elevate your feet when you can, get a footrest and try not to cross your legs too much.

Following these simple tips and having regular checkups with your podiatrist will keep your feet healthy regardless of how many kilometres they’ve walked.

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