Sustainability and Philanthropy can be easily linked and shared on a daily basis through the support of our own internal communities and cultures.

Aussie Soles have been providing thongs, flip flops and Sandals with the assistance of Christopher Shadbolt at To the Nations and Brett Gibson Operation Lift as well as Mackenzie Moore at Soles4Souls to those in need around the world.

The Aussie Soles Culture is to offer support to every human through the sale of our supportive range  of orthotic footwear. A small gesture to make the world of difference is all it takes and the support of our charities ensures that the footwear make it through to the people that need it most.

Every one of our customers shares in the offering of support as we donate through our BuyOneGiveOne program and dedicate ourselves to the vision of reducing poverty to zero around the world, in our case one step at a time.

Share our story with your friends and family, tell them how Aussie Soles has helped you feel good on your feet, tell them how the pain has now gone from your Plantar Fasciitis or other foot conditions, or just tell them why you love Aussie Soles orthotic Support thongs, flip flops and sandals.

Together we can all take part in this vision of reducing poverty to zero and allow others to stand tall in their own brand new pair of donated Aussie Soles orthotics, even if they are the poorest of poor and live each day like it could be their last.

 donated Aussie Soles orthotics  

Aussie Soles is committed to our Buy One Give One initiative where we donate a pair of our support thongs and other footwear to support people in need around the world. Our orthotic thongs, flip flops and sandals have kept African communities from picking up Jiggers that are little bugs that burrow into your feet and slowly kill their host.

It is a simple thing that we all take for granted, yet in some countries footwear is the difference between life or death.

Christoper Shadbolt heads up the movement and distribution efforts to Zambia, South Sudan and other countries.

“Mate getting some pictures of your donation into war torn parts of South Sudan 🇸🇸, Probably the poorest people we have come across you name it drought war famine etc etc”

“Latest out of drought ravished and civil war destroyed South Sudan Aussie soles on feet that don’t own shoes”


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