The humble flip flop, pluggers, thongs, whatever you want to call them are a staple here in Australia! In fact, some would go as far to say it’s the country’s national shoe!

One tourist spot hasn’t embraced the glorious flip flop as well as we have and wearing them could land you in hot water.

If you’re planning a holiday to Italy’s Cinque Terre, wearing our favourite summer footwear could land you a $4000 fine! Madness!

As it turns out, mountain rescue teams have grown sick and tired of having to rescue tourists who aren’t wearing proper attire while enjoying the narrow, yet scenic mountain trails.

Before handing out hefty fines for improper footwear, the national park authority of Cinque Terre will launch a campaign to travelers to leave their pluggers at home and come prepared with adequate hiking footwear and plenty of water before setting out on the trails.

Tourists who ignore that advice could be slapped with fines ranging between $AU80 and a whopping $AU4023.

Aussie Soles are widely popular amongst traveler’s due to their supportive and comfortable fit and by all means, keep adventuring! But if you’re heading to Italy’s Cinque Terre, maybe have an outfit change at the ready!



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