Ditch Your Old Thongs for a Comfy Pair of Orthopaedic Flip Flops Instead

With orthopaedic flip flops, getting around in comfort is easy.

Do you find yourself feeling weary at the thought of slipping on the thongs sitting by the door and heading out for the day? For those who find that being on their feet for long periods of time can be problematic, a change in footwear could be just what you need. With thongs designed using high-quality materials and orthotic principles from Aussie Soles US, your feet can comfortably carry you onward into many fun new adventures.

The Benefits That Make Ours the Best Flip Flops with Arch Support

Why choose our thongs in particular, though? We think there are a few key benefits that make them the stand-out option when looking for the best ortho flip flops. Among those benefits are features such as:

  • A deep heel cup which naturally works with the anatomy of the foot for superior comfort. Many wearers remark on how they feel the difference from the bottom when they first step into the flip flop. By conforming to your body, we reduce natural stresses.
  • A metatarsal support bar that makes every day wear simpler and less stressful. No need to clench your toes or struggle to walk quickly when your thong moves with you.
  • Orthotic arch support that provides your feet with the built-in assistance they need. A key feature, our Australian flip flops work to reduce fatigue and pain that comes from having so-called "flat feet."

Why Are Flip Flops with Arch Support So Important?

That last point is perhaps the biggest one to take notice of overall — but what makes arch support so important for the average individual? Wearing a flip flop with good arch support:

  • Distributes the pressure of your body weight evenly across your feet. The natural arch of your foot should do this on its own, but it is not always able to do so effectively; by adding support, you aren't resting all your weight on a weak point.
  • Improves balance and posture, which can have positive long-term effects. Wearing orthopaedic flip flops can make you more confident on your feet, especially during the recovery period after a surgical procedure.
  • Prevents pain from developing or worsening while giving arches the bolstering effect they need to stay strong. "Collapsing arches" are a common problem, and over time the condition can worsen if the foot does not receive proper support. Thongs flip flops by Aussie Soles US deliver this support in a comfortable package.

Why You Can Trust Aussie Soles US Orthopaedic Flip Flops with Arch Support

For 15 years and counting, Aussie Soles US has worked to create comfortable, accessible footwear, perfect not just for everyday wear but for everyday adventures, too. Whether you're trekking across the beach or shopping for groceries, our goal is to ensure you can do so easily and in comfort the entire time. We believe you shouldn't have to look far to find footwear that supports your lifestyle — and your arches. To find out more, contact us online or shop for your own pair today.


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