Orthopaedic Sandals for Kids Improve the Way Your Child Develops

Orthopaedic sandals for kids offer much-needed support during growth.
Does your child seem like they’re behind developmentally compared to other children? Do they get irritable when required to walk for long periods? Does their gait look unnatural to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions your child may suffer from flat feet. While this condition may correct itself on its own Aussie Soles US has created a line of sandals and thongs that provide support in the right places to assure your child’s feet can develop properly.

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Our kids orthotic sandals offer the same comfort and support as our adult sandals and come in a rainbow of colour options to please picky shoppers.
  • In addition to the heel cup and arch support, our orthopaedic sandals for kids include a Tarsal Bar to eliminate toe clenching while your child walks promoting a natural gait.
  • A soft, durable toe divider eliminates chafing, and the optional support strap keeps sandals securely on your child’s feet for security.
  • We offer a one year warranty on all sandals and thongs promoting security in a quality product.

Problems Supportive Kids Sandals Addresses

  • As your child grows soft tissues in the foot eventually harden like the soft spot on their head. Providing proper foot support early minimises future problems.
  • Flat feet are caused by the heel rotating inward and collapsing the arch. Orthopaedic sandals for kids provide a heel cup and arch support to assist in the proper formation of hardening bones.
  • Developmental delays and clumsiness can be attributed to flat feet. Providing your child with a supportive shoe will help them walk with confidence.
  • Pain and fatigue can dampen your child’s spirits and cause them to be irritable on long treks. A simple solution is to give them shoes that help them walk comfortably and allow everyone to enjoy the journey.

Cartilage in the feet hardens by age seven. Supplying your child with a supportive shoe during those crucial formative years ensures a solid foundation for future movement.

Why You Should Buy from Aussie Soles US

We work closely with podiatrists to ensure our products meet the requirements to support feet which in turn supports the framework above properly. We bring a casual leisure option to orthotic footwear that takes you from the beach to the market to the amusement park with confidence. Our supportive kid's sandals offer little feet the ability to grow correctly and provide a solid foundation for movement.

Giving your child the ability to walk and stand properly eliminates future problems related to poor posture. Your purchase allows us to donate shoes to those less fortunate to ensure everyone can move in comfort. Our products are available in drug stores around Australia and New Zealand as well as online. Contact our friendly associates for a location near you or to order a pair for your child.


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