Check out orthopaedic sandals for men’s style and high activity levels.

You wear supportive shoes for work and athletic endeavours. Why wouldn’t you on holiday? Styles have changed, and materials are lighter offering a stylish option for men’s sandals with arch support. Aussie Soles US provides your feet with a solid foundation as you move through your life from work to play.

Problems Aussie Soles US Addresses

Our men’s arch support sandal provide maximum support in a lightweight design that allows you to move freely.
  • We use soft, durable materials in our leisures footwear to provide comfort and shock absorption while walking so your feet and back are properly supported.
  • Our mens's arch support sandals offer a casual alternative that provides proper support during playtime or running errands that isn’t chunky or clunky.
  • In addition to a heel cup and arch support, we include a tarsal bar to prevent toe clenching which provides a more comfortable footing and natural gait.

Good quality dress shoes come with arch support as do good quality athletic shoes. Switching out to sandals or thongs shouldn’t undo the good your supportive shoes have done.

The Importance of Supportive Men’s Sandals

Swapping from work to play can be comfortable and provide the same support as your work footwear. Maintaining proper foot position in all aspects of your life lessens pain and offers more enjoyment.

  • If you stand or walk a lot for work, you know how important arch support is to your lower back. Why would you forget about that while sightseeing on holiday? Keeping your feet cool during warmer weather can provide proper support to eliminate back pain for an enjoyable time.
  • Arch support is excellent, but the real culprit is your heel. An inwardly rotated heel negatively affects your arch requiring arch support. By strengthening the muscles and tendons surrounding the heel, your arch will naturally realign and with support have you strolling without a thought to your feet.
  • Proper fit goes a long way in addressing foot problems. Your feet change as you age, and it is beneficial to have your feet sized periodically to ensure you are wearing the correct shoe for maximum benefits.

Why Aussie Soles US is Cost Effective

We offer a quality product that comes with a 12-month guarantee, and we are recommended by podiatrist around Australia and New Zealand. We strive to produce quality ortho footwear that provides your feet with proper support on your walk through life. We donate shoes to charities who help those less fortunate thereby ensuring everyone has access to quality footwear.

Our orthopaedic sandals in men’s styles ensure your feet are protected while you enjoy your holiday in warm climates. The lightweight material and comfortable fit will allow you to focus on the world around you and not your aching feet and back. Contact our friendly associates to find a shop near you or order directly from our website any time to experience comfortable support that looks good too.


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