The road to recovery after foot or ankle surgery will differ for each person, but one thing remains the same for every patient – the shoes you choose post op can be extremely important inyour recovery.

When looking for recovery shoes, orthotics with support should be right at the top of your list. Arch and orthopedic support will help decrease the stresses placed on the feet when walking by adjusting the feet to a better biomechanical position and also improve your posture.

Shock absorption is equally as important to alleviate the pressure from your joints. A heel cup will also help with this by cradling the heel and providing you with a supported and straight strike of the heel as you walk.

Ensure the shoes are long and wide enough to allow for any swelling and opt for a shoe with a strap for extra support if needed. Choose footwear with good grip to avoid slipping and the lighter the shoes are, the better.

It can take months for your foot or ankle to recuperate after surgery, and even longer still for any swelling to subside. Make sure you follow the instruction of your doctor or surgeon before attempting to put too much weight onto the affected area, begin exercise or make post op shoe choices.

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