Arch support thongs give you comfort and protection.

Too often, flip flops, sandals or thongs have been designed with little more than your immediate comfort in mind. They are ideal to wear in warm weather because they are easy and fast to put on and help keep your feet cool. However, they rarely incorporate arch support or other elements of smart orthotic design. For long-term wear, foot comfort or overall foot health, they leave something to be desired.

What You Can Expect from Aussie Soles US Regarding  Thongs

At Aussie Soles US , we are different, by designing and selling arch support thongs throughout USA, we are changing the perception of how this type of footwear can serve the wearer. Here are a few of the things that set us and our products apart from the crowd:

  • Our thongs follow orthotic best practices: Our archies flip flops and sandals are anatomically correct to follow the best practices of orthotics. They incorporate arch support, a heel cup and a tarsal bar to eliminate toe clenching. These elements provide better comfort and promote superior foot health.
  • We stand behind our products: When you choose our arch support thongs in US, you don’t have to worry about cheap design. Most flip flops are flimsy, but not ours! Aussie Soles US products come with 12 months of warranty coverage, and will generally wear from 1-3 years.
  • We help you get the right look: Just because our thongs are designed with orthotics in mind doesn’t mean we don’t care about style or look. Each sandal is available in a range of different colours and designs, so that you can be as muted or as bright and beachy as you like!

Problems Our Arch Support Thongs Address

Many customers come to Aussie Soles US and our supportive thongs after having problems with other thongs or sandals. Here are a few of the common issues our thongs help solve:

  • General discomfort: Most thongs are fine to wear for a beach trip, but aren’t ideal if you are going to be walking around or spending a lot of time on your feet. By incorporating arch support, heel cup design and other features, Aussie Soles US sandals support your feet more like a standard shoe. As a result, they are much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Pain from foot conditions or injuries: Perhaps you suffer from pain related to Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs. Alternatively, maybe you are recovering from a foot injury or surgery and need to plan your footwear accordingly. Aussie Soles US thongs are made with a soft AusLite polymer, which provides extra padding and relieves pain.

In addition to these perks, Aussie Soles US also solves one of the other big problems of the consumer experience: poor customer service. By focusing on superb customer support, we ensure that every person who shops ortho footwear with us feels valued and heard.

Why Trust Aussie Soles US Regarding Supportive Thongs

Aussie Soles US has been crafting supportive sandals and best thongs in Australia since 2004. Our products are sold in 500 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand—including in pharmacies—and come highly recommended by podiatrists. Add our warranty coverage and there is no reason not to trust Aussie Soles US. Contact us today to learn more.


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