Bunions can be an inconvenient and painful deformity of the foot. Otherwise referred to as hallux valgus, bunions can occur when the shape of the foot changes and the big toe turns inward towards the second toe. When that bone or tissue at the base of the big toe moves out of place, a painful lump can form on the joint.

Bunions can be caused by a number of reasons including years of pressure, irregular motion or damage to the joint, arthritis, genetics and non-suitable footwear, to name a few. Those with bunions are often troubled with severe pain, inflammation, stiffness and finding suitable footwear can be particularly difficult.

While women are more susceptible to having bunions than men, it is important to note that stilettoes aren’t always to blame. Genetics also play a big part in developing bunions, as well as the shoes we choose and the way we walk.

When choosing footwear, choose shoes with plenty of support, including arch support, and are made from soft materials that can mold to your foot. Avoid shoes that have pointed or narrowed toes, and ensure the shoe is comfortable, the correct fit and accommodates for the width of your foot.

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