There is absolutely nothing worse than when you’ve got a bruised toenail! Ouch! Also known as a subungual haematoma, a bruised toenail or fingernail is simply your blood clotting underneath the nail. While the injury isn’t anything to be too worried about, it certainly can hurt! Get ready to feel some severe throbbing from the pressure of all of that blood clotting between the nail and the bed of the nail.

Haematoma’s usually happen after a direct trauma to the nail, such as stubbing your toe, slamming your finger in the door or being crushed by a heavy object. While we want to avoid dropping things on our feet and causing yet another bruised toenail, if you have a haematoma, you’re going to want to take as much pressure off your toe as possible.

Aim to wear supportive, thongs that are lightweight, open and have plenty of room so you’re not adding any extra pressure to the injury. Have you ever clenched a toe with a black toenail, or worse, a toenail that’s fallen off from an injury? Trust us, you don’t want to ever feel that pain! Supportive sandals with a metatarsal support bar will stop you from clenching your toes and help support the toes, so that’s a plus that will help you in your recovery.

When your toes are back to normal and have recovered from their injury, you need to make sure you’re wearing adequate footwear. Haematoma’s can actually be caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit correctly when running or hiking, so be mindful of that when shoe shopping.

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