Foot Pain and injury is a common occurrence for athletes, setting back training regimes and stunting athlete’s progress. During injury recovery, or even post exercise, it isn’t uncommon to see athletes switch from their running shoes into a pair of casual thongs. But when recovering from injury or high-intensity exercise, normal thongs can do more damage than good to athlete’s feet.


Aussie Soles are a company that design and manufacture orthotic arch support thongs. Their thongs are created with incredibly lightweight, custom made foam called Auslite™ foam. Auslite™ foam is so light that it allows feet to relax, and along with the metatarsal bar, takes pressure off of the toes. It is also antibacterial, preventing infections and odours! 


A group of 159 podiatrists from the College of Podiatry were recently surveyed and shown an Aussie Soles pair of thongs, alongside a normal pair. 98% of podiatrists recommended them as an ideal alternative to usual thongs. A huge 93% responded by saying that they would recommend Aussie Soles thongs for post-exercise recovery.


Truly designed to protect your feet, it isn’t hard to see why podiatrists recommended them. These thongs also have an anatomically correct heel cup and a metatarsal support bar so the toes don’t need to clench to keep the thongs on, as they do with regular flat thongs. Combined with thick tread and a raised arch, these thongs prevent injuries and allow the foot to truly relax, aiding in injury recovery. 


One of the most common sources of heel and foot pain is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is when the tissue around the underside of the heel bone becomes damaged and causes a great deal of pain.  95% of the podiatrists surveyed had treated Plantar Fasciitis in the last month. 97% of those same 159 podiatrists surveyed agreed that arch support is one of the most important factors in treating the condition.


Studies have shown that when you wear shoes with an anatomically correct sole like Aussie Soles thongs have, the shoes aide recovery post-exercise! Combine this with Aussie Soles philanthropic values (they have donated over 180, 000 pairs of thongs to people in need), and it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t own a pair of Aussie Soles thongs! 


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