After a long day, it’s common to experience tired, achy feet. Following a long day at the office, or a day’s worth of physical activity, sore feet can happen to all of us.

However, some of us are more prone to developing tired feet than others.

Overexertion can be a leading cause of our aching tootsies. Standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, or increased levels of walking will do it.

If you’re carrying extra weight, you’ll likely be susceptible to having sore feet as well. Those who are pregnant or struggling with obesity can experience strain on arches, muscles, joints and ligaments. It is important to note that children who are overweight are especially prone to developing foot problems as their feet are flatter, increasing pressure.

Another culprit in the fight against achy feet is wearing inadequate footwear. Let’s be honest, wearing heels for eight hours a day might look good, but probably aren’t doing your feet any favours. Orthotic footwear and arch support can help prevent tired feet.

Aussie Soles’ anatomically correct arch and heel support will certainly help your fatigued feet and provide comfort so you can Relax Ya Feet at the end of any hard day!

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