There are plenty of health benefits associated with getting regular exercise, but going for a daily walk may just be one of the best! Just by walking daily, you lower your blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, stroke and can lower high cholesterol just to mention a few. Walking will also help with weight loss, reduces stress and will help keep your energy levels up! 


Not only are all of these things fantastic for your body's overall health, but walking is actually one of the best exercises for your feet too. Walking puts your feet through their full range of motion, increases circulation and helps keep you at a healthy weight, meaning less pressure on your feet. Being overweight can cause significant problems for the feet - fallen arches or pronation, flat feet and swelling, these are just a few examples.


You’ll find once you get into a regular routine with your walking, your muscles will strengthen and start to tone up and walking will even protect your joints! The low-impact exercise can actually reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis and can help relieve arthritic pain too.


So why not give walking a crack? Your feet will thank you for it. Once you’re done, whack on a pair of orthopedic flip flops to recover in and Relax Ya Feet!


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