Bunions, otherwise known as hallux valgus, can affect anyone, but usually develop as you get older. Women tend to get bunions more than men, but they can also run in the family. If you suffer from stiff joints or arthritis, this also seems to bring on bunions.

So, what exactly is a bunion? Pressure on the big toe can cause it to bend inwards which moves the bone and tissue out of place, causing a bunion to form at the base of the big toe. They can be super painful and as you can imagine, with a big lump hanging off the side of your foot, it can be really difficult to find footwear to accommodate it.

Here are a few ways to ease bunion pain or slow down the progress of the bunion if surgery isn’t an option for you.

  • A warm foot bath can help ease the constant pain of bunions
  • Alternatively, ice packs can also aid in relief
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Maintaining flexibility and a healthy weight
  • Wearing correct fitting shoes

Your choice in footwear is crucial when easing bunion pain. Choose sole orthotic thongs that are made with lightweight, comfortable materials and that are wide enough across the foot to allow plenty of room for your toes. Ensure the shoes fit correctly and offer your feet support, such as arch support.

If you’re feeling the pain of bunions, these tips will give you a little relief and help you Relax Ya Feet!


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